Week 2 ~ asemic writing

I found this assignment kind of difficult! It was hard to detach my ideas about what writing should like while also hard coding something that looks like writing. I decided to try the paper.js library. It is kind of similar to p5 in that you get a lot of drawing functions out of the box.

I eventually landed on using the circle path function. I think circular characters help to emphasize the movement of writing, to make it look not so static, as if someone wrote it without thinking. In this function you set a series of points. When the function is executed the points are connected by lines. I am of course using a random() function to ensure that each circle object gets a random set of points.

After playing around with scale the objects started to look like signatures. Signatures themselves are a kind of asemic writing - they look like writing and they imply meaning but often they’re illegible and more symbolic. Using blue here on a white page, perhaps remninisicent of a signature on a receipt.

Link to code here.

Here is an animated version with less points between paths for each sign.