Week 5 - type on the move

I am a huge fan of Y0UNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES and made a sketch this week that was heavily inspired by their use of text and timing and ability to tell a story that seems at once about the meaning of the text, the meaning of the music, the rhythm of the music through the text, and the text (type) itself. I was also inspired by last week’s conversation about typography and ownership and how and where the lines get drawn between the people who make typefaces and the people who use them. Last week I started to work with type as a landscape. Continuing to think about type as land, and then type as property, I decided to use Woody Guthrie’s song ”This Land is Your Land” as a starting point. Inspired by the original and unrecorded protest lyrics of this song i suppose this is my protest (through using many different fonts at once and adjusting their shapes) to the current state of typography on the web.

I think I would like to continue this line of thought into my final project. I am aiming to make a piece for the entire length of the original version of the “This Land Is Your Land” with my own lyrics as they relate to typeface and ownership. In the sketch above I am using the p5 wave function to move the text based on the amplitude of the sound. For the next version of this piece I would like to make the timing of the appearance of the text more in sync with the song in addition to doing more experimentation with the form of the type.