Week 5 ~ Reflections + Review

I am becoming more and more interested in nourishing a connection between humans and computers and after this weeks reading I suppose that connection in and of itself is performative.

I am absolutely guilty of coding my ideas before iterating over them in drawing or writing. This is partly because I like to write messy code (at first) and partly because I am eager to get started on whatever I am setting out to do. I try to practice hammock driven development when developing a project for someone else or when I know the code will be read but I also like to figure out my own projects through the code itself. This is obviously problematic because often I have to start all over again but I think I end up appreciating fresh starts because they help me to learn what went wrong and why. This project is definitely a good reference for making something in a practical and thoughtful way!

From what I’ve learned so far serial communcation is the communication between two computers that are sending data back and forth one bit at a time. Universal Serial Bus (USB) allows us to connect devices ansychronously, without USB our computers would need an async serial port.

Asynchronous serial communication is when two computers send and receive data at the agreed upon data rate.

First they need to make an electrical agreement, for example an arduino is sending through 5 volts to a laptop, the laptop has to be able to recieve electricity at 5 volts.

Then they need to agree on timing of communication, for example the arduino can send a bit of data every 9600th of a second the computer needs to be able to read that data every 9600th of a second.

Finally they have to agree on the logic of the data being sent through, in other words what does 1 represent and what does 0 represent.

Arduino already sets the electrical and logic agreements but it is up to the maker to set the data rate in the code.