Week 7 ~ MIDTERM

My partner Xinyue and I decided to make a halloween themed slot machine. The project will be a two way serial communication device between the arduino and a web page written with the help of the p5 js library. Xinyue designed the web page elements and I wrote the script for animating the slots. Together we figured out the timing and triggers of the communication between the two computers.

Interactions will go as follows: a person will drop a candy into the slot machine which will trigger a touch sensor. the touch sensor will trigger the lever image in the p5 sketch to animate. this will hopefully prompt the person to pull a physical lever to trigger the animation of the p5 slots. If the slots are all different the person will be prompted to drop another candy in and try again. If the slots are all the same image then the person will be prompted to press a button. When the button is pressed a servo motor will open a small door to release all the candy that the person put in.

Images to coming soon…

Code here.