Week 8 ~ final project ideaz

Thinking about making a mouse. An anti-capitalist mouse. When you use this mouse you can’t click on advertisements. Or maybe an anti-propietary software mouse. You can only use this mouse with free software. Otherwise the mouse slows down or gets really hot or starts shaking or does something that makes it nearly unusable until the user moves the mouse back to a “safe” space on the screen.


Or maybe just a plain old mouse. Or a mouse pad and a “dumb” mouse in which the mousepad has a bunch of touch sensors mapped to the computer screen and as the mouse rolls over it the sensors get triggered.

HOW can I map the movement of a mouse to the screen of a computer? Is this even possible to do on a Mac?

Also thinking about making some kind of recycled iPhone device that takes advantage of the acceleromater inside the phone. Would an accelorameter be helpful for my mouse?