Week 9 ~ how to build a mouse

My final project will be to build a computer mouse for general purpose use. A person can use this mouse just like they would any other mouse ! If I succeed in building a working computer mouse I will then continue to turn this mouse into an anti-advertisement mouse. As soon as the mouse passes over anything that resembles an advertisement or a button to buy something the mouse will stop functioning properly. By this I mean that it will slow down, or start shaking, or if safety were no issue it would get really really really hot so that you had to wait for it to cool down before using it again.

The system of this of this project is still a little abstract to me but I think it will go something like this:

~ build a microcontroller enviroment using the Arduino mouse library

~ add two switch buttons for left and right click

~ write a browser extension that dynamically runs javascript in any web page

~ ensure that javascript has a mouseOver event that is triggered whenever a mouse goes over any element that has a signifier for an advertisement

~ if the javascript code is triggered then data will be sent back to the mouse which will then trigger a small motor or some kind of component that will make the mouse shake

drawing coming soon

The physical elements I will need are:

~ 1 arduino MKR WiFi 1010

~ 2 small switch buttons

The coded elements I will need are:

~ Arduino Mouse library

~ a javascript function packaged as a browser extension that fires whenever an advertisement is passed into mouseOver()

~ a function in Arduino that is waiting for the mouseOver event to pass it some data over Serial

I would like to purchase the Arduino MKR. Everything else I would like to find ! Hoping my bill will not exceed $40.00.

Week of Nov 5th

Buy materials + research

Week of Nov 12

Set up mouse library, create prototype for physical mouse structure

Week of Nov 20

Write javascript function and use in a local web enviroment, test Arduino “shake” function with different components

Week of Nov 27

Package javascript into browser extension, test on different websites, start to build out final structure + wiring for physical mouse

Week of Dec 4

Spill over week for whatever did not get finished or needs to be heavily debugged + user testing

Week of Dec 11 finnniisssshhhh :-)