Dog with cans of PBR

This is the first post of my new blog at ITP. I will use this blog to document, think, and respond to everything I do at ITP at least until I graduate in 2020. Hopefully I will have built up enough of a documentation + writing practice that I will continue to do so long after school. Right now I’m thinking about what the internet looks like, why free wifi is important…or not important, when will I actually start to remember the names of everyone at ITP, how does the physical structure of the internet inform our use of it.

As far as this blog goes, I need to add a few things:

  • categories
  • markdown styling
  • video support

For categories I’m thinking:

  • Dynamically generate page per top level category, i.e. Physical Computing, Faking The News
  • Default page of posts to publish order but add sub level category menu for alt displays.

I chose to use a boiler plate I’ve been working on to build this blog. The back end uses Contentful. The front end is built in React JS using Gatsby JS. The site is hosted on Netlify. It costs $0!

Oh and…I chose the domain name because of this image which I learned about in this book:

spaghetti meatballs become really frightening - source unknown